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We are still open

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Up-dated 28th September 2020


We are pleased to advise you we are still open with some changes in place. 


For contactless drop off's and collections please read more



We are all living in a difficult time that is bringing us new challenges and uncertainties.

We would like to thank our customers for their support and express our gratitude I would also like to take this oppertunity to say how proud I am of our staff.


There is no doubt that this crisis is going to bring about irreversible changes to our lives and the Photographers we proudly work with.

Camera Clinic has started to roll out some new processes in the ways we think and work to support our industry persons.


We are still working behind the scene with rotating staff but starting from Monday 28th September 2020 we have in place a contactless drop off and collection service:

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 03 9419 4247 for us to email you the repair from


Drop off service:

Fill in the attached repair form and bring it in with your equipment.

If you do not have a printer there are additional forms at the drop off point at Camera Clinic or just write a note and put it with the equipment


Park under the building via Budd Street


Take form and the equipment to the dispatch door, place the equipment in the red trolley, if unattended please ring the door bell and we will come down stairs to assist you. 


Once the unit is booked in we will SMS you the job reference number


Collection service:

Phone ahead to pay for the repair over the phone


When you are in the car park down stairs you can phone us and we will bring the equipment down to you


Ring the door bell and advise the collection person down stairs your job number and we will send the equipment down to him in the lift


Sensor cleaning:

We are also doing while you wait Nikon sensor cleans for the Nikon NPS customers and our general sensor cleaning. NPS customers please allow 10 to 15 min and for general cleaning allow 45 min to an hour waiting time. You are more than welcome to wait in your car in the garage or go for a wonder around the area.


We hope you and your family are all safe and well.