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Extended warranties and Total Care Service Packages
When you purchased your equipment you may have also purchased an Extended Warranty or a Total Care Service Package.  If your equipment has a malfunction you will need to contact the place of purchase or the Extended Warranty or the Total Care Package company.
If you are advised by the warranty company to bring the equipment to Camera Clinic for repair please make sure you advise us of the claim number and the name of the extended warranty company. Most extended warranty companies will e-mail of fax a repair form to you. You will need this repair number and form to log your repair with the repair centre.
If the warranty repair is inspected and found to be warranty void  e.g. impact, water or sand damage, we will call, fax or e-mail a technical report advising you and the extended warranty company the findings. We will ask for your authorisation to submit a quote to repair the unit.
If you accept the terms and conditions a quote will be carried out and a inspection fee is applicable.
If you choose not to have the unit quoted it will be returned no charge except if freight is applicable.

Service Packages can be a good investment: 
We recommend purchasing a Ted's Total Care Service Package when purchasing your equipment.
We use our digital equipment at least five to ten times more than film. Before we had a roll of 36 film and we were careful what we took images off. Now we have an instant review and delete then we take the image again. Each time you zoom, fire the shutter, review or delete that is wear on your equipment; up to ten times more.
When you purchase your next piece of equipment please discuss with the store the availability of purchasing an extended warranty or care package.

Teds Camera Stores
The place to purchase photographic equipment and a Total Care Service Package.
Ted's handle their own Total Care Service Package in-house, no insurance company or underwriters to deal with.
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