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1st April 2022

It is with much reflection and great sadness that the Rogers family has chosen to close the doors on our much loved Camera Clinic. We identify there will be a gaping hole left in the industry, this hurts us dearly.


Camera Clinic is closing their doors however our second company is still offering levels of support.

Location: 56 Easey Street Collingwood until further notice. Ph; 9419 5247 or 1300 72 10 70


The reason for the closure is over the past two years we have had several technicians leave our business due to illness, left Victoria and retirement. It is very difficult to replace these technicians due to their skill set and the amount of in-house training we have to do. Most of our skilled technicians are from overseas. In the past we have manage to maintain our requirements however with the borders being closed we have not been able to replace them despite our efforts. 


In the upcoming months Camera Clinic will start to limit the work that we will be booking in. Our other business Imaging by Design the smaller of the two companies will  take across some select brands not supported by other repairers in Australian and keep maintaining, Nikon repairs for Government Departments & Victoria Police, sensor cleaning, conversions, design and manufacturing.  


We continue assisting Nikon to carry out NPS sensor cleaning and some Nikon Professional repairs


The below services, companies and brands will  have continual support under Camera Clinic for the remainder of this financial year then they will be moved across to Imaging by Design.


  • Sensor Cleaning - while you wait by appointment 1300 70 10 70
  • NPS (Nikon Professional Service) sensor cleaning to assist Nikon
  • Nikon professional repairs to assist Nikon     
  • Victorian Police and Government Departments
  • Leica Australia
  • Nanlite, Ledgo, Jinbei for Protog
  • Manfrotto tripods for Vatic


Camera Conversions


  • Infrared conversions
  • H-Alpha conversions
  • Full Spectrum conversions
  • Design and Manufacturing


Camera Clinic would like to thank you for your continued loyalty and business with our company. It has been an absolute pleasure being part of the creative industry of Photography.


We will still be here for many months so if you need any assistance please don't hesitate to reach out.

Kindest Regards,
The Rogers family