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Partially or totally submerged in water
Remove batteries immediately, externally dry the equipment and get it into a repair center urgently. Delays could cause the equipment to be rendered uneconomical to repair. If a service center is more than 24 hours away try to dry the equipment (not the oven) in a moisture free environment.
If your equipment has sustained salt water damage. You will need to wash the unit out in fresh water or put it in a bucket of fresh water with a small amount of dishwashing detergent to stop the corrosion forming and help remove the salt. Leave it in the fresh water and bring it to your nearest service center urgently.
Rain damaged equipment 
You can use a hairdryer to dry the water from the equipment or bring it in to us a.s.a.p for dismantling and cleaning. We have drying boxes here.
Water proof equipment
Needs to be maintained or it will leak. You need to make sure the o-rings/seals are clean and free of grit or fluff
Important: There is no guarantee on any repairs carried out on water damaged equipment.
water damaged      
       Water in the LCD                                   Internal corrosion