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Foreign matter equipment
Foreign matter can be very unforgiving in photographic equipment; one grain can cause the gears to jam and the onset of corrosion.
In all digital cameras are tiny gears and moving parts, manly in the lens assembly, air gaps and sliding lens barrels provide access to roaming sand particles these particles can easily
stop or hinder moving parts causing an error or failure to start .
Considering sand is the third most common reason for “out of warranty failures” it’s a good idea to take some preventative steps to ensure no sand granules enter your camera as  it only takes one to stop the works.
The equipment will need to be dismantled and cleaned out and if necessary treated with anti-corrosive spray.  
To best prevent sand penetration keep your camera in a plastic zip lock bag in the camera case and your camera bag in a sealable plastic bag, use your camera and immediately place it back in the bag. Try to remove most air from the zip lock bag when first inserting the cameras as this will reduce condensation build up.
Regularly vacuum inside your camera case particularly felt lining.
Important: Please check the camera case, if there is sand in the case turn it inside out to clean or vacuum clean. 


        Sand damage it only takes one to jam a camera