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High Speed Flash Sync

Imaging by Design is Camera Clinic's sister company    1300 72 10 70

Located at 56A Easey Street Collingwood.





Camera power and flash control circuits enabling flash synchronization up to 2000th of a second and a wide range of operating voltages to power the camera.


Inside this camera is an high speed interface module programmed to optimize flash trigger and shutter release timing, enabling the use of long duration flash out put at high stutter speeds.


Long duration flash output is normal with most flash units of GN above 42 and above on 75% output


Other features are remote release, flash sync and power supply all in one cable via an in-built sub-miniature connector.



Modification are available for most cameras.

Power requirements 8.5 to 15 DC @3A (can power camera from 12v PC supply)

Camera release options single or double pole switching. Single = pre-release and release activation on one pole (switch)

Cable up to 100m